Chapter 11 – Promise: Page 11

Chapter 11 – Promise - Page 11

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  • Domen

    I’ll bet he was so cute as an 14yr old with a mohawk. :]

    • themice

      You make me want to draw that! :D

      • Domen

        Maybe…you could…? I know probably more than just us would enjoy that ^^

        • themice

          And so I shall.

    • Akira Gımıe A Fıght

      i agre

  • JuJu

    Its counting crows, thought you might want to know.

    • themice

      gah, I have to fix that.

  • themice

    I love Amy Winehouse, I took her death very hard.

    • SVM2015

      Me too. Her voice is so unique and soul-piercing. One of my HAs was in Bucharest just after her tour got cancelled. She stayed in the room she would’ve stayed in had it continued.

  • Ninhursag

    I just noticed, but from this profile, Elan looks like Griffith from Beserk, if he would have had white long hair instead of curly short hair, lol. But anyway, I just love this drawing of Elan <3