Chapter 11 – Promise: Page 10

Chapter 11 – Promise - Page 10

♫ ♫ Song for the moment – Connect the Dots – Spill Canvas

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  • Aaron F.

    I’m just going to take a moment to say as a new reader that I absolutely adore how you draw hands, feet, kisses and now this. It’s breathtaking and I can honestly say as an artist that I’m beyond jealous.

    • themice

      Thank you! Since I love hands and feet I draw them a lot, and drawing alot is practice! If only I loved perspective and other anatomy just as much.

  • Yumara_n_Yushiro

    Well I have to say this song was a new surprise. Certainly gives a new feeling to the picture… >:D

  • Donald Burch

    As George Takei might say, “Oh, MY!” Lovely work, I agree with Aaron F. the illustration of hands and feet in this story adds a level of depth and emotion that otherwise might be invisible. I love this comic for its subtlety.

  • Ninhursag

    Omg the song suits the drawing so well, so sensual but cute at the same time <3

  • Jermany

    Elan’s legs! O.O

  • PenelopePepperPants

    What I absolutely love about this page is the amount of feels it gives me. I can totally sense the tenderness and connection happening in this moment. I admit I was still playing the Tracy Chapman song from a few pages back, and I feel (for myself) it fits the page better. It made the scene softer, more emotional. It’s beautiful; within me, I feel a sense of loss, but a good achy loss, coming from recognising that I can see in someone else, something I once had.
    I also think (thanks to a slow internet connection), the fact that the image loaded blurry and then gradually sharpened to reveal this really added to the beauty and emotion of this scene.