Chapter 10 – You love love love when you know I can’t: Page 11

Chapter 10 – You love love love - Page 11

You Love Love

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  • Domen

    D: aw poor guy…both of them.

  • SVM2015

    The song reminds me of the film Beginners. This scene really fits the idea of challenging the usual ideas of love with the current situation turning out to be totally different from expectations.

  • Aryllia

    Aww, look at those gloomy dark eyes in the first panel! >w<
    Hurts to hear it huh Rafa? But what hurts more – that no one stays around or that there's competition for Elan?

  • SmokedBoo

    I would just like to say that you have successfully added a variety of songs to my playlist.

  • D. Garrett

    rafa seems prettier to me than elan. esp in first panel.

  • Aaron Alexander Young

    Oh poor, sweet, darling baby, he is so worried that he is suddenly upset by people saying things he used to wear proudly as a badge.

  • Ninhursag

    “Snatched by someone else” seems like Scott is talking about himself.

  • IronDog

    Harems are hard work and require dedication. Something tells me that pre-Elanite Rafa wasn’t ‘into’ dedication.