Thank you all


I hope I got everything right this time. I know I keep missing links, messing up links, but everyone has been extraordinarily patient with me. :) I get the nicest emails too. THANK YOU GUYS. It is a big learning process and I feel I’ve only just hit my style. When I started drawing a few years ago I got some hate mail for doing slash, but this experience with Elan and Rafa has been all good.

I have been busy this week visiting family and running the half marathon in New Orleans. I’ve gotten far behind but I still managed not to skip a week.

  • Clyde chan

    I have been following this comic for a little while, I just kinda wanted to know if you knew that page 15 is a guideless “Come back from whence you came” page. it like just stops there and you have to go to the front page for the update or the “go to page” thing. I mean I’m near certain that you know about this, I was just curious as to if it will just be left like that for a while? *facepalm* sorry ^_^;;

    • Meep! Thanks, but I can’t seem to find it. In Chapter 7? Like if you are at Page 14 you can’t go to Page 15 or something?

      I’ll keep looking.