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My pocket dictionary and new chapter

Rafa and his pocket dictionary

What a good week! I did spend the weekend working hard to get out of mini-hiatus. I do realize I have a lot on my webcomic to-do list (Book pdfs, start Book 7 & 8, patreon gifts, fix many website problems, ads, etc). Who knew there was so much more to do than just drawing when doing a webcomic!

Many people claim that creators self-insert themselves into their characters. Who wouldn’t want to be that lovely man in the arms of another equally lovely man? Can’t blame them. However, if I had to pick the one character I am most like it is:


The Other Love Story

Uncle Felipe and Elan

When creating a story there are always back stories which have to be developed but don’t get to be placed front and center. But think about the other love story  — Felipe (the black sheep of his wealthy family) fought for years to protect what was rightfully his nephew’s. He WON against Goliath. He did it for love — love for his deceased sister and her quiet lonely son.

As a reward he does get undying loyalty from Elan, who keeps his uncle as a trusted friend and business partner for all this life.

On towards the main love story, as frustrating as it may be.