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Please. If you ever thought of writing, illustrating, cartooning a story about a LGBTQI, POC, women, etc., please do it. You have a story and people want to read it. Our country needs it desperately now.

And buy those stories, support them. I will help.
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One page update, all I could do.

Early Happy Holidays from EmR!

EMR Book 5 Cover?

Happy days from Elan Meets Rafa.

This will be the last update until December 17 and then another break until Dec 31 and/or Jan 7. I’m visiting family on the east and south coasts and hoping to heal this tendonitus. During that time, however, subscribers will get a message from me when EMR Books Three and Four are out — they are almost done (I just have to create kindle versions).

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Western Yaoi


Rafael Anibal Saltos

No comic update this week (next week!) but I do have a few things to share.

Watercolor looks a bit scary when you start working on it. I never know if it will work until I add the final touches. Here is the Work-in-Progress photos (taken with an unreliable smartphone camera).

Rafa portrait WIP

Here is the final:

Rafa Watercolor Portrait

Rafael Anibal Saltos

A little background info on his name – Anibal is my father’s middle name and Saltos is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name (which she used as part of her name, old fashioned style).

See you next week!