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Early Happy Holidays from EmR!

EMR Book 5 Cover?

Happy days from Elan Meets Rafa.

This will be the last update until December 17 and then another break until Dec 31 and/or Jan 7. I’m visiting family on the east and south coasts and hoping to heal this tendonitus. During that time, however, subscribers will get a message from me when EMR Books Three and Four are out — they are almost done (I just have to create kindle versions).

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  • I will be hanging out at Western Yaoi so see you there!

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Learning Laundry

Learning Laundry
Since I had no good picture for this small update, I dug out an image I forgot to use early in the comic (I’ll include it in the book probably…) – Elan happy to do this chore in way only people who never had to do their own laundry before would. He is wearing Rafa’s wife beater, flip flops, and pj bottoms.