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I Need a Hand to Hold

I Need an Anchor

I Need a Hand to Hold

One of the best things about this webcomic-making journey is discovering new music. This week I feature Yiruma, a South Korean pianist and composer.  I found a nice Yiruma Playlist on youtube. I’m using youtube now to link back to music since most other options failed.

For up to the last minute info (usually update delays, etc) and occasional in-progress sketches, remember I have a twitter. I won’t spam emails with those minor things!

Forward through the last chapter of Part 2.

Rafa has changed

serious fafa Rafa has changed a lot. For the worse? Will he bounce back? Or is he a better person? Or meaner and less fun-loving? Is he now a cat person?

In the meantime, will The Mice solve all her website dilemmas? I’m going to research using Mailchimp for the web upates. And it seems like (where I house the music) updated so that their embed player is large and ugly and takes up too much of the page. They aren’t even answering my requests for a smaller embed! Tha noive of them! Time to find another place for music embeds! Alternate suggestions for the hapless are very welcome as always.

I’m not even going to go into what I had to do after a WordPress plugin and theme update. Sighs.


I’m hoping it isn’t a confusing update…otherwise I’ll have to rework it for the epub because I’m only moving forward now.

Short hiatus over. Here it is.

Sign this

Finally! An update.

I am hoping the subscribers get this OK. Lately my webhost is seeing me as a spammer since I send so many emails at once. I’m looking for a solution for this, one that doesn’t cost money since this comic is already way in the red! :P

Thanks for reading!

The Truth

Leaving the Library

THIS WEEK’S UPDATE – starting to unravel the truth.

Next update will be in two weeks. I have gotten terribly behind and made a few key scene changes I have to redo. And I’ll be at Running workshop (I’m a little bit of a fitness nut — surprise!) this weekend and won’t have time for redos! ACK! Sorry.