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Learning Laundry

Learning Laundry
Since I had no good picture for this small update, I dug out an image I forgot to use early in the comic (I’ll include it in the book probably…) – Elan happy to do this chore in way only people who never had to do their own laundry before would. He is wearing Rafa’s wife beater, flip flops, and pj bottoms.

EMR Books on the horizon

Elan and Pigeons


Good news! Many have been asking if EMR will be published in book form, and it is slowly happening! EMR Volume One (first three chapters) should be available soon, followed by Volume Two (chapters four through six). They will be in the same subdued color with colored page breaks, and some volumes will have racy extras. Plus a Kindle version! MORE on that later.

But you are here now for the update, right?