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Felipe with Baby Elan

Felipe with Baby Elan Elan was born an old soul with a full head of hair and large soulful eyes in a poignant little face. Thus he wasn’t those endearing little bald cherubs that invite the love and attention of strangers. However, his “black sheep of the family” uncle loved him for all his infant odd qualities.

This week EMR was listed in! Check out some new fiction to read.

We see how Rafa fares in this week’s update. Did you ever doubt him?

The moment you change.

The moment you change.

The moment you change.


By the end of Part Two the accumulation of all that happens to Elan and Rafa has to have some consequences. Question is, do they change for the worse, or better, or they just develop a harder surface, or as my mama used to say – un casco muy duro.

We’ll find out.