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OK, getting sad – a little bit

Happy Elan and Rafa I’m getting sad, just a little bit, after drawing some panels. So I took a break and made a happy Elan and Rafa drawing! Something I want to aim for. The story outline is in my head, but it does roam and evolve on its own a lot.

Other updates – I enabled an embed for the music on individual pages so that you do not have to leave the page to listen to the song. I hope it works better for everyone.

Yes, I have said I’d still do all this even if I had only one reader (AND I DO REMEMBER THAT FIRST READER! I started regular updates on Wednesdays to fit her schedule – hope you’re still around!). But I must honestly admit I love all the new people. Thanks for coming aboard!

And damn, almost forgot – this week’s update!

END of Chapter 10.

a gift not given A Gift Not Given

Ok late Wednesday update ends with a big clue. I might need an extra week before the next update. I’m super busy (damn real life) and I also have to do some research for some big things that are going to happen.