• I love this image of Rafa. it is such a tease! ^_^

    • Just a *wee* bit of hair.

      • D. Garrett

        lerve pics like that! just thuper!

    • D. Garrett

      hes yummy!

  • kuku

    Yeah, big-hearted. He may not have been very reflective or into monogamy when he met Elan, but the way he tried to make sure he was okay after the accident (shouldn’t we exchange info so you can sue me for all the money I don’t have?) took him into his house (couldn’t sleep when he thought Elan might get preyed upon by the Guv’nah), made him learn self-defense moves (which Elan ended up needing against his rich dad, not in the hood!), and all with a good-natured ease that made it seem like no big deal…

    • Helping is friends and family comes easy to him, he feels it is his job. But, god help him, he isn’t very self aware. Takes him a while to realize why he went above and beyond for someone who was essentially a stranger, an outsider, and how that stranger would react to that more than his body. ;)