Short hiatus over. Here it is.

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Finally! An update.

I am hoping the subscribers get this OK. Lately my webhost is seeing me as a spammer since I send so many emails at once. I’m looking for a solution for this, one that doesn’t cost money since this comic is already way in the red! :P

Thanks for reading!

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  • bandanajack

    i’m good.

    • themice

      That is good to know!

      I wonder if people haven’t been complaining because they don’t know to complain?

      • Hmmm, I got the email this time around, though if it stops again, who should I contact about the matter?

        • themice

          Did you get it around the same time of the update post? Or few hours later?

          If you ever don’t get it, let me know.

          • I got it fairly quick this time around, but the past few times I didn’t get one at all….next time I don’t get it I will let you know.

  • Ophelia’s Girl

    If it helps at all, MailChimp might be a great way for you to send out newsletter-type emails regarding your comic’s update. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and if you end up hitting the cap, just make two lists.

    Good luck! I enjoy the comic immensely.

    • themice

      Great idea on the two lists. Thanks! I’ll look into it.