Recommend your favorite Songs!


Recommend your favorite songs to Elan Meets Rafa webcomic in the comments below (disqus helps keep the spam away)! They can apply to the story, or just be songs you love and want to share.

  • Cris

    I don’t think this band I’ll suggest go with elan meets rafa, but they’re awesome, and they’re from my home city (and you should totally listen to them, although they sing in Spanish and I’m not entirely sure you speak it) anyways, their name is cadáver exquisito and my personal favourite song by them is “invertrebrado” and then “niña marciana” “me quedo dormido” “cumpleañeros” and “canción cuatro”. Wait, they have a song called “algo” that actually goes with elan meets rafa (I could picture rafa singing it to elan).
    Some songs by Cole porter would go well with those two as well.

    • themice

      Thank you! I understand Spanish fluently but can’t write it (my grammar sucks in two languages). Thus, I love music in Spanish!

      I love Cole Porter too, I hadn’t thought of him for EMR. Good call. I have one of his songs “It’s All Right With Me” sung by Tom Waits.

      • Cris

        Then do give them a listen! Oh, and i forgot, if you haven’t listened to them yet you should Google soda stereo, they’re awesome too.
        Edit: just. “Oh my love” by John Lennon is the song for all their sweet alone times. (ultimate EMR song for me)

  • Ace Levine Adelynne

    i have some song that i think it would fit:

    – Sit Down Beside Me by Patrick Watson

    – Until We Bleed (ft. lykke lee) by Kleerup (Mikael’s Cello version) – I think this kinda fit Rafa’s condition right now-
    – Stolen by Dashboard confenssional
    – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script
    – Banana Pancake by Jack Johnson
    – Details in The Fabric (ft James Morrison) by Jason Mraz
    – Into you by Adhitia Sofyan (
    – Deadly Storm Lightning Thunder by Adhitia Sofyan (OMG THIS ONE!!! THIS SUITS RAFA’s SO WELL! lol XD)

    OMG, sorry for the song spam. ahahahhahha… there’s so many good song that i want to introduce.

    last but not least

    – Dealova by Once (

    i know it’s indonesian, but the link i gave you have english subtitle, if you could give it a go :)

    Thank you for opening this forum. it’s always nice to be able to share and get new songs ^^

    • themice

      Oh perfect! I’ve only heard of one of these (Dashboard Confessional)! Thank you! <3

  • dominoKEI

    “Look at What You’ve Done” ~ Jet (it reminded me of Jake, kinda)

    “This Time” ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers (goodness, this one is one of my absolute favourites)

    “Skinny Love” ~ Bon Iver (it’s sad, sort of. I think it is, a little)

    “Roslyn” ~ Bon Iver and St. Vincent (not sure this one even matches EMR, but I like it!)

    “Hell on the Throat” ~ Dashboard Confessional (not sure this one fits, either…. but maybe)

    “First Day of My Life” ~ Bright Eyes (gosh, this one is so, so cheesy!)

    “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” ~ Soko (this one is actually very sad to me. we could die at any moment, and Rafa knows that. Now Elan knows that, too)

    “You and Me” ~ Lifehouse (this is a classic one, i believe)

    “Come on Get Higher” ~ Matt Nathanson (much peppier than the rest, playful and sweet! just like EMR)

    “Your Guardian Angel” ~ Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (I’m not sure whose guardian angel is whose. Elan is Rafa’s or Rafa is Elan’s? Both?)

    Sorry this comment is so massive. It is just a list of a few of my favourites.

    • themice

      Love the massive post! I’m excited to have a lot of new things to listen too! :)

  • SVM2015

    I did not know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers could sing so well. I haven’t seen August Rush so now it’s on the must-watch list! In terms of songs, I thought of so many. I already posted a few on the other pages but here are some others that hit me in general.

    “Ghetto Red Hot (hip hop remix)” by Super Cat (mostly thought of it during the drive-by)

    “Ten no Ki (trans. Tree of Heaven)” by Tsuki Amano feat. Kanon Wakeshima (Since Elan’s a fan of Murakami and introduced Rafa to his work, I thought a classical pop piece would be great.)

    “I’m here saying nothing” by Hitomi Yaida (Elan’s cut off from his family and upper crust friends yet his life’s been pretty good despite his rough patches in the city. But he still hasn’t admitted that history even with Rafa so the song somewhat demonstrates this)

    “We Don’t Care” by Audio Bullys [explicit warning!] (could relate to Jake since he’s done a lot of hidden dealings with crooks despite Rafa’s warnings)

    “Kuroi Namida (trans Black Tears)”, “rose” & “LUCY” by Anna Tsuchiya [inspi’ NANA] (this one really illustrates Rafa’s side of the relationship at the present moment and the second song is what I hope it turns into.)

    “A little pain”, “Wish” & “Winter sleep” by Olivia Lufkin [inspi’ REIRA] (I tend to include Olivia’s songs whenever I see Anna Tsuchiya’s name. Probably due to loving the anime’s music so much.)

    “Lie of the Truth” and “The Hanged Man” by Yuuta [from LAZ] (these two songs seem to fit. I don’t know why. I love them a lot though and I play them whenever I get to certain points in this comic.)

    If there are any more that come to mind, I’ll be sure to post them! Thanks for making this post! ^_^

    • themice

      Thank you. This is gorgeous and the kind of stuff I have a hard time finding myself.

      • SVM2015

        I watched a lot of anime titles before some of them became super popular in the States. I love it when a show has a stellar soundtrack because there can be so many situations and feelings that could be applied, especially if you’re constantly working with creativity.

  • “Ordinary Love” – A new song by U2 ( going to be on their new album and they just posted a music video on facebook) and I can so see this relating to where Elan and Rafa are right now.

    • themice

      U2 songs are great for angst and longing. I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of them before!

  • “Underground” – David Bowie – May or may not fit for Elan….well parts of it…maybe towards the beginning when he leaves his dad and ends up in the seedy part of town? (I personally love this song and love this music video)

    Prelude to the Nocturnis – The Extraordinary Contraptions – This is my absolute favorite song by this band. They have other songs that I love too, but not as much as this one. Which is so far the only song written by the one who sings it. I first met this band at Tsubasacon. They are really great people. They even told people if they didn’t/couldn’t buy their cds, they could listen to their music on their website. They are a steampunk band. ^_^ Here is the video for Nocturnis.

    • themice

      I love David Bowie.

  • heheheheh for when Rafa tries picking up Elan in chapter 2

    • themice

      LOL :)

      • SVM2015

        I love this film. I haven’t seen it in forever.
        If it was listened to out of context, it would be so weird. :D

        • I am not afraid to admit that I am a 30 year old fan of The Chipmunks and Chipettes. (Though I didn’t like how they did the songs in the newer movie and haven’t seen the sequal.) I am not saying it is a bad movie, it is just that there is something about how they did the songs that just bothers me on some level.

          • SVM2015

            I agree. I haven’t gone near the live action films. It’s not just the songs that are putting me off – the Chipmunks’ natures have changed and it didn’t seem like a good direction to me. I’ll take my classic animation, thank you!
            And I’m 21. No shame in the fandom whatsoever! ;)

          • themice

            no shame. I’ve written Drake and Josh and Mulan fan fiction! This is, however, my first we comic. though I’ve started planning the next one.

          • SVM2015

            Also, speaking of childhood songs, I have a feeling this may be coming up for Elan and Rafa. It definitely shows their desire to go and continue where they left off as well as shed the pain they’ve gone through in the last few weeks (comic-time of course)

  • kahltira

    Over the Rhine- “The World can Wait”
    Peter Murphy- “Cuts You Up”
    Chris Isaak- “Baby Did a Bad bad Thing”
    Brandi Carlile- “The Story”
    Cyndi Lauper- “I Drove All Night”
    Red Delicious- “Blues and Stars”
    The Seatbelts w/Steve Conte- “Call Me, Call Me”
    Incubus- “Dig”
    Pete Yorn- “For Us”
    Thea Gilmore- “Contessa”
    Placebo- “Running Up That Hill”
    Poe- “Haunted”
    IAMX- “Mercy”
    IAMX- “S.H.E”
    Gorillaz- “El Manana”

    • themice

      OOh, nice long list for me to plunge through.

      • kahltira

        I am a bit of a musical omnivore. So there’s a mix of genres. But this is the music I write to.

  • Sassafrassery

    I would say try anything by Buena Fe. Their lyrics are very poetic and their music is addictive (it’s also in Spanish :D) I also love “How to Start a War” by Simon Curtis and “If the morning ever comes” by Bravesoul. Then there’s “Smile” by Uncle Kracker, “Addicted” by Saving Abel, “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright, “Boring” by P!nk, and “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak, which is possibly the best song ever written <3 Honorable Mentions: "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City, "Superman" by Joe Brooks, "Ojos Asi" by Shakira, "Sugar Rush" by Cash Cash, and "The Great Escape" by BOYS LIKE GIRLS (ironically enough :P). Sorry for the long post D:

  • I was just reading SatW and they do a strip about the Eurovision Song Contest. I immediately loved this song done by the Iceland representatives.

    I also liked this one a little.

    And then there is this one.

    There is just something about this…I don’t even care that I have no idea what he is saying…..

    This one has some awesome flute and drum action going on. ^_^

  • Roxabel Victoria Pérez Egaña

    Omg this song reminds me so much of Rafa and Elan. It’s like Rafa’s singing to Elan.. just that the lyrics should say “no other person’s made me want it this much” instead of “no other woman’s …”
    Sometimes I hate it that most love music is meant for straight people only..not fair.

    • themice

      OMG that is beautiful! :}

  • heh I was just messing around on Youtube and found this. ^_^

  • This was shared I think on my face book. I think I am getting addicted to the song. I really like the one on the far right, and I think he should have more solo time…..He has both the looks and the voice I would fall for…..

    • themice

      I get “This video is private”. Is there another link I can listen to?

      • Well, when did that happen? *sigh* And that one had the translation on it….

        Heh, found a site that listed the lyrics in English.

        In this world, the sound of the dawn breaking and of your voice It was a sincere meeting
        Like the morning sun, I’ll cross over time and be reborn so that I can hold you
        You being yourself is what gives me hope

        Hey! Now, to our heart’s content
        Hey! Let’s sing of love
        Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah And make it echo as far as you can
        Hey! If you’ll smile, everyone else will smile too
        Very soon, the breaking light will start to shine on tomorrow

        A sorrowful sky above a battlefield I can hear something changing on this night
        Wanting to heal you, I’m by your side Forever, in your heart
        You being here is my courage

        Hey! No matter how loud of a voice
        Hey! You call out your love
        Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Sadness won’t come to an end
        Hey! Let’s go to welcome it I’ll be by your side
        If this night opens to a new day, very soon something will start to move

        Sail away Faraway Sail away Far, far into the distance
        Stay, stay Over and over Stay, stay Welcome the nights and mornings with me

        I march forward before the endless sea
        Surely this must be my path to hope
        My noble pride is holding me now
        Holy, holy story (yeah, yeah)
        There’s no bottom to the hollow feeling of grief
        That’s why we pass the time with our dreams and raise our sails
        We continue our voyage toward the sky
        You’re my lighthouse that shines on my path

        Everyone’s heart beats are resounding It makes us tremble, dispelling the hidden darkness inside

        Hey! Now, to our heart’s content
        Hey! Let’s sing of love
        Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah And make it echo as far as you can
        Hey! If you’ll smile, everyone else will smile too
        Very soon, the breaking light will start to shine on tomorrow

        Hey! Now, to our heart’s content
        Hey! Let’s sing of love
        Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah This moment won’t return again
        Hey! Living together with you, I’ll tell you this
        It’s a phrase that encompasses both joy and pain “I love you”

  • lula2014

    Claudia Cane: Out of line (Album: Come Closer)

  • lula2014

    Claudia Cane: Heal me (Album: Come Closer)

  • JesBelle Dance Me to the End of Love — Leonard Cohen

    I just love the gypsy tune and the way it weaves together love and sex and spirituality in that way that Leonard Cohen does so beautifully. Wildflowers — Tom Petty

    This came up twice last week in my playlist. It reminds me of Elan and Rafa, but more Elan I suppose.

    • themice

      Thanks! I’ll check it out. I love Leonard Cohen!!!

  • AMA
  • Lily Jhon

    Artist: One Direction
    Album: Midnight Memories
    Released: 2013
    Awards: Brit Award for British Video, more
    Nominations: World Music Award for World’s Best Video,