• Jeldenil

    Hmm. Kitty cuddles. Rafa looks young in this one. Is that a theme?

    • Looks younger without his beard!

  • bronakopdin

    sexy and cute at the same time, what can I wish for more x3

    though I have a feeling that his nipples are too close to each other maybe? Like they might need to be a little more to the outsides of his pecs lol but it might just be me xD

    also beard-less Rafa yum, I am actuall not much into beards so I like this x3

    • JesBelle

      Upvoting for amount of time spent staring at Rafa’s nipples.

      • bronakopdin

        actually it was lie “hang on, there is sth wrong” on first glance, then staring longer to think about it x’DDDDD

    • Yes they are! Something to fix later before books.

      • bronakopdin

        glad to help my this humble way x3
        talking about books: any news on when the next ones would be out?
        and will the prints continue? I think I remember this was discussed or debated on but I don’t remember if there was any decision made yet x’D

        • I have to gather my editors. It is harder work that drawing! Maybe because I don’t enjoy the InDesign book design part of it. As far as PDFs, I’m on the fence. They get bootlegged like crazy! Do a search for Elan Meets Rafa on google and you’ll see.

          • bronakopdin

            well I do prefer prints anyway x’D but I feel your pain seriously… it is not nice :(
            hope you’ll manage and there is seriously no rush, I was just curious as I like to have whole series in my shelf x3