Rafael Anibal Saltos

No comic update this week (next week!) but I do have a few things to share.

Watercolor looks a bit scary when you start working on it. I never know if it will work until I add the final touches. Here is the Work-in-Progress photos (taken with an unreliable smartphone camera).

Rafa portrait WIP

Here is the final:

Rafa Watercolor Portrait

Rafael Anibal Saltos

A little background info on his name – Anibal is my father’s middle name and Saltos is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name (which she used as part of her name, old fashioned style).

See you next week!

Part Two ENDS like a warrior

Elan and Rafa

Part Two Ends Today!  AND it is a three page UPDATE!!  Yeah!

Hiatus Starts. Boo! Only for 2-3 weeks depending how fast I can produce. Subscribe to be notified when EMR is updated. Unsubscribing is easy peasy (at the bottom of every email).

Stay tuned during hiatus! I’ll be announcing a patreon feature as soon as I can figure out rewards to patrons, past tip-jar patrons, volunteers, and meta-writers in the comments. There will be high def downloads, secret sketches, maybe even how-they-are-drawn videos and more for patrons-of-the-arts!


Uncle Felipe in da house

Elan outside library

Or ledge, rather.

Only a few more pages until the end of Part 2!!! (Warning: after this chapter there is two week break before Part 3/Chapter 21, I’m very far behind).

Not more to say for now – just go here.