HE’S Back

Elan and Piano

Elan is back too.

Early update! I’ve been traveling and now home so anxious to get back into the EMR groove.

Real LIFE:

  • My printer died, poor guy just was exhausted. Bummer that I can’t wait for the electronic sales, I have to get one for next week’s update. Anyone love their scanner/printer?
  • On a somber note, any words of wisdom when you have a parent dying? I’m thankful I have EMR to keep my mind off of it for large periods of time.

Rafael Anibal Saltos

No comic update this week (next week!) but I do have a few things to share.

Watercolor looks a bit scary when you start working on it. I never know if it will work until I add the final touches. Here is the Work-in-Progress photos (taken with an unreliable smartphone camera).

Rafa portrait WIP

Here is the final:

Rafa Watercolor Portrait

Rafael Anibal Saltos

A little background info on his name – Anibal is my father’s middle name and Saltos is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name (which she used as part of her name, old fashioned style).

See you next week!