Me and my big brothers

Rafa and his brothers
Mis hermanos mayores

Rafa and his brothers were known as the terrors of East 14th Street. His brothers are short, like their mother, but mean mean mean (like all the sisters). Rafa is tall and fairer, like their dad, and did grow to overpower his tough older siblings and defend the youngers. He considered his dad a weak man, a drunk, so he didn’t want to be like him.

Rafa has a colorful backstory I wish I could just sit down and write. It would be very political, violent, and probably include too much Jake for EMR fans, but would explain Rafa’s emotions and you would all be proud of how far he actually has come.

  • bronakopdin

    oh damn I’d actually really like to read this to be honest >//////<

    and welcome back :D

  • I wouldn’t mind reading about Rafa’s past and understand that it unfortunately includes a lot of Jake. ^_^

    • Perhaps I can do vignettes when I’m procrastinating doing paid work lol! I’m trying to write (rather “screenplay”) another webcomic but it requires so much research (because I don’t know the world), whereas Rafa’s doesn’t because I know it.

      Make sense?

  • Jeldenil

    I triple doki’s and bronakopdin’s statement.

  • JesBelle

    Somebody didn’t keep their promise not to get tattoos.

    • Rafa is the only one who promised.