• kuku

    On laundry day in college I wore the only clothes that were still clean – which were clean because they were ugly – and I still remember how the tomato red socks clashed with the olive green pants. I don’t know why I had any clothes in either of those colors! Elan and Murakami both look very happy here.

  • bronakopdin

    my this is just lovely ^^

  • This is absolutely adorable! ^_^

  • Hey, I think Elan has the right idea here. Make the most of his time while doing one of the most boring chores imaginable. Good for him! On a serious note, Love the attention to detail. Rafa’s tank and pj bottom look too big on Elan. Murakami playing in the clothes basket makes the image.

  • Lisa Parsons

    Honestly, there’s just something about the simple pleasure of the smell of detergent and clean laundry. I totally get Elan.

    Although at the moment I have a TON of laundry to do. Argh!

  • Red

    Absolutely cute!

  • JesBelle

    Almost makes me miss my days working at the laundromat. There was a hot Israeli dude who used to do his laundry wearing nothing but running shorts and flip-flops. Also, the lint traps were sometimes good for a few bucks.