• Very nice ink work, Mouse! You have a gift for illustrating texture that I envy. The pants look like fabric and the stone looks like stone. The shirt looks soft and then there is Elan’s lustrous curls. I can easily see Elan on the cover of a magazine like this. I would use better fonts in the headlines on the cover but I readily concede that the point of the illustration was Elan and the ink. Sounds like a funky alt-rock band. ~ANY-way…~ Excellent work! Thank you for letting me see it.

  • JesBelle

    I just wanted to say I love this.

    • And I love you! Thank you so much! Using a Mac is taking some getting use to, but it is so nice to finally be able to be online again. ^_^

      @themice:disqus I really like this magazine cover. ^_^ I really love his posture, he looks so adorable! ^_^

      • JesBelle

        You’re welcome. Yeah, Macs are different. When I told my husband my idea he asked if I was sure that using a Mac wouldn’t just make things worse.

        • lol. Worse than having no computer at all? It isn’t bad or worse, just different. ^_^

          • JesBelle

            Yeah, I told him you’d be motivated enough to figure it out.

          • ^_^ I would almost have been willing to deal with dial-up. *shudders in horror* Roughly three weeks without internet is torture.

        • Using a mac makes rainbows and unicorns! :)

          • … then I think I am doing something wrong because I have yet to see either. :-P

          • JesBelle

            It’s an Easter egg setting.

          • …I am really bad at finding those…

          • You find all the mice!

          • That is completely different!

      • Lisa Parsons

        Whew! Hi. You don’t know me at all, but I’m glad you’re online and doing better. I was worried about you.

  • Pashira83

    Themice, Doki wants you to know that her computer is being worked on and it should hopefully be fixed soon. Her nook is also no longer letting her use Twitter. :-/

    • Bummer. I was wondering what happened to her.

      • Pashira83

        :-( She is also currently going through a bad episode with her depression.

        • Depression is a gauntlet. I hope she gets to the other side very soon.