• kuku

    We like him! And we want him to find a nice boy of his own. Don;t know yet who that would be. But surely there’s someone.

    Meanwhile, dear TheMice, the comment buttons don’t seem to be there for the new pages?

  • Jeldenil

    Who doesn’t like Scott? I for my really don’t blame him for dating Elan. Rooting for RafaxElan doesn’t mean we hate Scott ^^

  • bronakopdin

    what?! Of course I like him!! It’s just that I’m convinced that Elan and Rafa are fated for each other ^^
    Still I want Scott to find his own happiness later! :D

  • JesBelle

    I don’t like Scott. I luuuurve him. Don’t you know you’re supposed to make the “wrong” guy a jerk?

  • JesBelle

    It’s that magical day of the week when the next update is closer than the last one.

    • And mild panic – what is my reserve, is this my reserve? to elation – omg can’t wait until they see this! to fear – omg they aren’t going to like this?!

      • …..you tease

        is it time to update yet?

      • JesBelle

        Ha. Even when you torture us, I like it.

  • Lleyn

    He’s smart. He’s sexy. He’s sweet – but he’s not Rafa.

    We still like him, don’t worry ;)

  • D. G.

    I like Scott a lot. He needs his own sweetie.