Early Happy Holidays from EmR!

EMR Book 5 Cover?

Happy days from Elan Meets Rafa.

This will be the last update until December 17 and then another break until Dec 31 and/or Jan 7. I’m visiting family on the east and south coasts and hoping to heal this tendonitus. During that time, however, subscribers will get a message from me when EMR Books Three and Four are out — they are almost done (I just have to create kindle versions).

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  • I will be hanging out at Western Yaoi so see you there!

Western Yaoi


  • kuku

    Rest up, hope you have nice visits and heal well!

  • Heal up that tendonitis and hopefully have good family times! Whereabouts on the east and south coasts?

  • JesBelle

    Did you get mad at this image? It looks like you tried to throw it out.

    • Intended effect, a crumpled paper — what do you think it means?

      • JesBelle

        Something getting a second chance, I suppose. Elan has the most beautiful lips. I can see why Rafa couldn’t resist tasting them.

        • JesBelle

          Or maybe someone deciding that something is just too beautiful to throw away. Will this be a cover?

          • Maybe Book 5. Going to send that one out to editors maybe next month

          • JesBelle


  • Rest and Heal. Thank you for the lovely portrait of E and R.

  • bronakopdin

    My copies arrived as fast as light again :D
    actually yesterday already I just forgot to post xD


    I hope your wrist is healing and that you can enjoy yourself at your family :)
    Just be that high expecting guest and get spoiled :D

    • You are so lucky!!!

      • bronakopdin

        right? Sometimes it’s nice that Germany is so small, less orders, faster handling xD

        • Germany is just more efficient I guess!

      • Volunteer books came in so I just have to sign them and mail them. No worries Doki!

        • Just jealous that bronakopdin gets the books so fast! I am still waiting for my license renewal (drivers) and my ink! -_- Stupid DMV. Stupid FedEx.

        • JesBelle

          Squee! I make everybody who comes into the house look at mine, but they have to wash their hands first.

          • Hopefully there will be a future book that makes people wash their hands afterwards.

          • JesBelle

            You’re killing me.

    • Germany, you impress me! :)