I Need a Hand to Hold

I Need an Anchor

I Need a Hand to Hold

One of the best things about this webcomic-making journey is discovering new music. This week I feature Yiruma, a South Korean pianist and composer.  I found a nice Yiruma Playlist on youtube. I’m using youtube now to link back to music since most other options failed.

For up to the last minute info (usually update delays, etc) and occasional in-progress sketches, remember I have a twitter. I won’t spam emails with those minor things!

Forward through the last chapter of Part 2.

  • I have really enjoyed seeing the arts and posts you have made on Tumblr. and Twitter.

    I am glad you got the music worked out! ^_^ You got the music working, the emails working. Its all good now. ^_^

    • themice

      The youtube is not a perfect solution, because sometimes it delays things with an ad. But it is the best I got right now (without getting in trouble with copyright).

      • The ads are quite annoying, but since I got that ad blocker thing for firefox, I haven’t had to deal with them much at all. It is a much better experience thanks to that ad blocker.

        • themice

          I need to install adblocker, but with it I can’t see my expensive cents-per-day project wonderful ads! :)

          Are you on y-gallery? I’ll have an ad there next month!

          • Not yet. It is on my to do list. ^_^

            I think it really depends on how the site is set up, because I still see the ads for other comics on TH and a few others.

          • themice

            TH ads aren’t project wonderful so I guess adblocker doesn’t see it. If you don’t see an ad at the bottom of this page then that’s why.

            I’ve thought about doing away with project wonderful and just take ads like TH, but I don’t have their hits. Then again, I wouldn’t charge 1/4 as much!

  • DC

    “One of the best things about this webcomic……..is discovering new music. ” That goes for me too and I’m sure others as well :D