• Lleyn

    Get well soon, The Mice! Stay in bed, drink lots of tea and sleep, sleep, sleep it off.

    • Lleyn

      Oh, d’uh, I confused tendonitis with tonsillitis… how did that happen? English language, I blame you! At any rate, yeah, The Mice, you um, stay in bed (to rest your hand, obviously), drink lots of tea (one can never drink enough tea, it’s soothing!) and sleep it off (because while sleeping, you feel no pain)…

      But seriously, I hope your hand will feel better soon. Take the time you need and don’t worry about the comic.

  • *hugs* Oh dear. I hope it clears up soon and wear a brace if that helps.

  • JesBelle

    Ugh, I’m in the same boat. If any pixies show up to do my whisking for me, I’ll send them to your place to help with drawing. You do know you’re allowed to take a break, right? We’ll keep.

    • I’ve been icing, and my chiropractor has helped. But it keeps coming back. I think I need to draw on better desk and not do a lot of Chaturanga pushups.

      • JesBelle

        I’m hoping that the new tables we cobbled together for the computers will help. The old one was way too low and I type way more than I realized. I’ve also relented and allowed a few gadgets into my kitchen to reduce the amount of knife-work I have to do.

        I had to look up “Chaturanga pushup.” Turns out, I’ve done a few. I can see where they might be a bit ouchie.

  • kuku

    Ow, so sorry. Hope you can rest up a bit now that Inktobers over! I’ve found acupuncture helpful for various things.

    • kuku

      And slow down the update pace if you need to – we, your devoted followers, want the best for your health even though we really want to know what happens with those boys.

  • bronakopdin

    oh noes! I hope you’re resting then! This is no laughing matter :(
    I guess you have it in your wrist?
    please take care and don’t overwork yourself ;_;

    and those Rafa pics :) he doesn’t really look very much older there! Guess he’s the type that keeps his young charm even with age :D

    • They are not too far off in the future, just the future next chapter after this one.

  • onna

    My sympathies! I hope you feel better soon! Taking more breaks to do different things will help. You may need some physical therapy for your hands.

    I have chronic tendonitis in my heels and carpel tunnel in my hands. Yes, I make art and write. :P

  • I’m not sure whether or not I develop tendonitis but know it is a “repetitive action injury.” Every now and then the tendons in my right wrist(I’m right-handed) grow enflamed. It is extremely painful. I find it difficult to turn my wrist and I lose much of the strength in my hand. It essentially becomes useless.

    I’ve never used ice. I take acetaminophen and perform stretching exercises on my hand. Since it is a repetitive action that causes the pain I make a point of stretching my fingers in directions other than those that caused the injury. Sometimes I use a wrist brace. So far — knock on wood — it clears up overnight and doesn’t flare up for some time after. This is good as I type somewhere in the 120 wpm range and contrary to popular belief, I like using both hands. Did I type that out loud?

    Anyway, I hope something in that rambling screed proved helpful, Mouse. I have a good idea how painful your injury feels and I offer my sincerest sympathies. If you need to back off on the next page to recover then please, do so. I can only speak for myself but I prefer you work from a vantage of health and joy than pain.

    Regarding the sketches of Rafa; I like topmost left and the one with the sunglasses most. Rafa looks happy in the first and in the second I get a feeling of well-being and perhaps a moving up a bit on the financial/prosperity totem pole. I have no rational basis for this as it is only a gut feeling. You mention below that this is chapter three so I grow hopeful that life for the boys or at least, Rafa takes an upward turn.

    It just occurred to me that the sunglasses could be Rafa trying to look inconspicuous while spying on Scott and Elan from afar. That thought drew a bark of laughter from me. Rafa darling, you can’t hide your gorgeous hair. Give it up.