• kuku

    Lookin’ good, Elan! Who’s the cranky looking guy on the left?

    Ooh, are you gonna face down Jake together?

    • Try to imagine that guy with long hair … And missing a shoe.

      • George cleans up nice! ^_^

        Elan has his own “gang” now. ^_^

        • kuku


      • kuku

        Whoa, that’s George! He looks so much younger! It’s so funny because I was going to add “and by the way, whatever happened to George?” but it seemed too unconnected!

  • Lleyn

    Good to see that Javier seems to be okay again… And oh my god, Elan is beautiful in that picture!

    • kuku

      Yeah, yay Javier!

  • bronakopdin

    Elan seem like a boss!
    xD it suits him!
    and after reading the other comments I’d NEVER have recognized George! O_O
    it’s true, he looks so much younger! and he looks awesome!
    it’s been a while we saw Javier, too :D
    I really love this picture :)