Felipe with Baby Elan

Felipe with Baby Elan Elan was born an old soul with a full head of hair and large soulful eyes in a poignant little face. Thus he wasn’t those endearing little bald cherubs that invite the love and attention of strangers. However, his “black sheep of the family” uncle loved him for all his infant odd qualities.

This week EMR was listed in webfictionguide.com! Check out some new fiction to read.

We see how Rafa fares in this week’s update. Did you ever doubt him?

  • Aurelie86

    Congratulations on making webfictionguide’s list! I can’t wait to see the official write up. I applaud you for staying so humble in the face of such popularity. Had it been me this post would have been in all caps with a #booyah at the end. This is probably why I can’t have nice things XD.

    • themice

      LOL, not that popular!

      • Donald Burch

        You might be surprised. There is word of mouth and then there is the internet. I’ve linked EMR to everyone I know and on Facebook. I’m just one person. I doubt I’m the only one to have done this.

  • I still find this image of Felipe and Elan too adorable. ^_^ And also belated congratulations on the webfictionguide!