My Favorite Hot Mess

Jake Maldonado

My favorite hot mess, Jake Maldonado.

And a mini-cliffhanger update before a teeny weenie one week hiatus. Inktober is kicking my butt a little, but critical to my drawing growth. And a minor project to do that just proves I haven’t mastered the ability to just say NO.

But in the meantime:

  • We are still talking and sharing stuff at Western Yaoi. Please join us, we are all very nice and don’t bite (unless you want me to).
    Western Yaoi
  • Elan Meets Rafa Volume 3 and 4 should be out sometime in November. Not going to lie, it is hard publishing old drawings but I’m doing it for the story.
  • I did a little Inktober of Elan and Rafa which I’ll be sharing with the few donors on Patreon. But I’ll post it in two weeks after mini-hiatus is over. I think you’ll like it! :D
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  • kuku

    Best wishes with your other projects and we’ll be waiting all kind of expectantly for the next installment after you have your doubtless much-needed mini-hiatus! :D

  • JesBelle

    You DO keep getting better, but there is beauty in the old drawings, as well.

  • Lisa Parsons

    This is so gross, sorry everyone, but I am strangely, disgustingly (of course) attracted to Jake. *hides in shame*

    • I made him tall and fit and thin, just how I like them. So I wouldn’t just write him out and never refer back to him.

      • Lisa Parsons

        Yeah, he’s hot.

        *shudder* I feel gross feeling that way, but he is. How annoying.

        I’ve encountered a few straight guys like him…as have you, I’m sure. -_-

        • He is one of my least liked inktobers even though I felt I did a good job on him. Maybe it is the flipping the bird, or maybe he reputation.

  • bronakopdin

    oh my GOSH Volume 3 and 4 getting released together again <3 I was secretly hoping for that but it would have been normal to realese them one at a time, too, so I'm super happy for this piece of info :D

    curious if I will have the prints before you again even though I'm in Germany xD

    and seriously: I loved your art from the beginning <3

    • What do you mean “curious if I will have the prints before you again even though I’m in Germany xD”. I think germany amazon will print it, if not I can get it to you.

      Thanks! <3

      • bronakopdin

        I was just saying because when I bought my copies of volume 1 and 2 and posted here a snapshot you told me I got them even before you xD that’s why!
        I’m curious if they’ll be faster again ^^

        though until now they are not listing the next volumes in German amazon yet, but hey November is still at least 2 weeks away :D

        • Oops. Yes now I remember, and yes, you probably will. I order my copies directly from Createspace and they are slow.

  • Not a fan of Jake, but it is a really good drawing of him. I think it captures his personality very well. ^_^