Webcomic FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Elan Meets Rafa Webcomic

How often do you update the story?

I try to update with two pages every Wednesday.

Are you going to make a book of the story?

Volumes 1 and 2 are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Contact me for ePub, PDF, or signed copies.

I started this comic as a way for me to combine my love for creating stories and the desire to improve my drawing skills. I never intended to publish them as books, and if I did I wanted to redraw the whole thing. After much discussion I decided to publish them as is, so you will see the progression of skill as well as the storyline. So, yeah, I know, you see a difference.

How did you come up with the story? Are you Elan? Are you Rafa?

Many of the characters are loosely based on people I have met growing up, in school, and traveling (e.g. The Governor is someone I met many years ago who was just ‘the guvnah’ of a southern gay bar, but I changed his nice, flamboyant character and kept the suit; Murakami was an my sister’s unworldly [female] Siamese cat of a different name; and there is someone walking around Ecuador who just looks like Rafa). The story is shaped from my experiences in the American Latino community as well as some ties to other communities and cultures. I did grow up poor and was introduced to the life of the rich by relationships and schooling. However, I consider this a work of fiction rather than creative nonfiction.

When will the story end? What will you do after it ends?

I still have a way to go until the end, but it is getting closer. I’ll never leave these characters and they will live on in vignettes.

I have illustrated a children’s book and published creative nonfiction – two jobs I want to continue to do.  However, I love creating bl webcomics and I am already planning another big series to jump into after EMR finishes.

Can I create fanart or fanfiction? Can I use your artwork for … ?

I wholeheartedly encourage noncommercial fan fiction and fan art — you can practice with it by tracing, you can color them in, etc. I’m generally fine with use of my drawings as long as they are not being sold or plagiarized and credit or a link to this site is given. It might behoove you to use an artist better at anatomy/perspective, but they might object whereas I’ll just trust you.

Any advice on how to start a webcomic?

I’ve been wanting to write a page titled “How doing a webcomic wrong can be right for you”.  I don’t intentionally ignore all the standard rules for comics, it is just I don’t know how to do it any other way. So what if you think your art skills “aren’t there yet” or you can’t do anime or find those boxes restrictive or you don’t own a tablet? If you have a good idea for a story and a strong desire to tell it in art – just DO IT. I may not attract a lot of purists, but I’ve gained a lot of followers who are not married to the standard rules either. Your niche will probably appreciate more comics!

Desire is important because drawing everyday is hard and posting regularly is important. But I can 100% guarantee you will become a better artist by drawing every day. You may go a little coo-coo, but you WILL get better.

Who are you?

I’m pathologically secretive about myself but I will say I’m a first-generation immigrant living in California, USA, who lives by the golden rule as much as possible. I tend toward the shy and misanthropic side I do love animals –all of them: spiders, snakes, dogs, cats, birds, etc.

That about covers it. If you have any other questions you can email me at elanmeetsrafa@gmail.com or comment below. I love talking about this project so don’t be shy. Actually I love emailing fans about random things, not necessarily this story. I have a filter only for spam, so far everyone has been very nice and I have had nothing but complete pleasure in all my interactions.

  • Nightmindwalker


    I just found your webcomic and I’m loving it, I’m reading the 3
    chapter now and the story keeps getting better and better, and I
    love your drowing style ^-^ !

    Just wanted to let you know
    that I’m very happy that I clikked on your website banner (found it
    on swapboat) and that I will keep reading your work.

    love from Italy

    • themice

      Which banner was it?
      I’m glad you clicked too! BTW I love Italy, I’ve been twice and miss the cappuccinos! I was in Tuscany (Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano, Voltera), Venice and Rome. I’d live there if I could find a way to make a living.

  • David Serxner

    I just found your comic and read it through from the beginning. It is just brilliant. Brilliant.

    • themice

      Thank you! I hope you continue to read and enjoy! :)

  • Ada

    Came here through the banner on elysiumroleplay (which thankfully appeared twice and at the second I bookmarked it since the subscribe didn’t work apparently o.o) and lost track of how many times this webcomic has so beautifully grasped at my heartstrings and shown me its loveliness! >.< Can't wait to see how they get together! <3

    • themice

      Thank you! I can’t wait either! ^^ I have the plot in my head but it has changed so many times.

      I thought I fixed the subscribe problem! My new server only lets me email out 50 or so subscribers and hour. I was hoping the subsequent hour mailings worked. But I have allthe email addresses and may use a non-Wordpress solution. :)

  • Vanessa-Maria

    I love your focus with hands and interaction. From the beginning I can tell that hands and birds are going to be constants. The hands are secure and the birds are free, and I think it’s beautiful. Not only is the story beautiful, but so is the progression of your artistic talents.You have definitely grown as an arist since the beginning of the comic.
    At the end of Elan’s journal entries, Rafa writes in a way that makes me think that he is writing in it AFTER Elan is no longer in Rafa’s life. Rafa writes, “you loved me.” I’m thinking either Elan left Rafa and Rafa is pining over his memory of Elan, or Elan dies in the future? It scares me a little bit XD

    • themice

      “The hands are secure and the birds are free” – that’s the perfect description.

  • Cristina Cornejo

    Not to freak you out or anything (it actually freaks me out there’s someone who looks like rafa walking around my country) but I’m from Ecuador. I was wondering why a lot of names were written in spanish! I just began reading this webcomic and its so good! (Now i’m the one getting a bit freaked I’m posting this with my entire name ^^;)

    • themice

      Not to freak you out, both my parents are from Ecuador! :D


  • Laura IB

    I found your webcomic by an advertisement in another webcomic page. I fell deeply in love with it and now I´m waiting for updates like a total full drug addict.The way you draw the hands ( athing that I find specially difficult to draw) is beautiful.
    I´m from Spain and you are mentioning a lot the latino community here, I love the fact that Rafa actually speaks Spanish from time to time because the roots should never been forgiven. As you I am an immigrant as well but I´m living in the UK. I hope all the succeed for this project and the projects you decide to have in the future.

    Best Regards


    • themice

      Thank you. <3

      I have distant relatives in Spain. I wanted to visit them but there was some upheaval about me coming to seek out some inheritance so if I do go I will just visit other places!

  • Cheryl A Valentine

    I absolutely adore this comic! I found it about two days ago and I’ve binged on it completely. Awaiting more updates of your gorgeous style! Keep up the brilliant story telling and beautiful work!

    • themice

      *o/* I’ve been sooo good at updating so check again next week!

  • SVM2015

    I found this comic through an Project Wonderful ad on another comic book series called The Dreamer. The art style is unique and exquisite and the plot feels so organic. Thanks for sharing this gem with us! I hope a physical publishing opportunity comes your way! :)

    • themice

      I haven’t heard of The Dreamer! Thank you for the comment. I hope so too!

  • Reed P

    How long does it usually take you to draw a page? Your art style is absolutely gorgeous by the way.

    • themice

      Thank you. It varies a lot. I’ve gotten much faster the last year. I draw each panel as a separate drawing, depending how complicated or important the panel is it can vary between 30 minutes to several hours. Times that by the number in one page, it can vary from a couple hours to six. Adding the dialogue should be easy since I use Comic Life for that, but it isn’t. I’m thinking for my next comic I’ll hand letter.


  • Fey

    I am so glad you have ads, I was on another webcomic, saw your link by Project Wonderful and gave it a go. I have fallen in love with you gorgeous art and beautiful storyline (I cried more than once), As an Australian I would like to say that even on the other side of the world, for different cultures and people, your characters have great impact.
    Please keep going, you have such talent (and I really want to known what happens). Thanks for the great read, you’ve made my day.

    • themice

      I just started up the ads again this week. They work a little better with long breaks in between. I am glad you found this and gave it a try (I know it is a bit different). Australia is one place I will someday visit (the plane ride is daunting though).

      THANKS for writing!

    • Heroguna

      Welcome fellow Aussie :D

  • tcf

    Between Elan getting shot and now (in the comic) how long has it been? I’ve been trying to get an idea how much time has passed, but I don’t get any specific hints. I get the sense of time passing, and they both look older now, but I can’t figure out how long it has been.