EMR Fanart

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing fanart of my boys! Click on image to see fanart at the source.

Rainbow Pride Love by leochi
This artist sent me the original! She does wonderful watercolors so definitely check out her stuff.

One More Kiss by Nike-93
This was an art trade. She is a master in both traditional AND digital and has MANY interesting original characters on her deviantart.

Elan by Colorado Girl
He is so adorable! I love how she drew him.^^ Encourage her to keep drawing and not put the pen down again.
fanartSome Christmas gifts by Nike-93
Rafa looks so yummy and angsty. ^^
Elan y Rafa_fanartElan & Rafa by Roxabelle.
Love those lips. She captured their personalities so well.
fanartElan and his Bird by idrawith
Found this stalking looking through my dA followers! I saw that sweet face and thought “looks like Elan” and found out it was!

Elan by LadyRyann
Her FIRST piece of artwork EVER! :) I’ll never show my first work! It wasn’t this good.

Written in the Stars by LadyRyann
So romantic!!

If you draw EMR please let me know and I’ll include it here! Fanfiction is cool too.