EMR Books on the horizon

Elan and Pigeons


Good news! Many have been asking if EMR will be published in book form, and it is slowly happening! EMR Volume One (first three chapters) should be available soon, followed by Volume Two (chapters four through six). They will be in the same subdued color with colored page breaks, and some volumes will have racy extras. Plus a Kindle version! MORE on that later.

But you are here now for the update, right?

  • kuku

    Hey congratulations, exciting!

    Elan has kind of a newsboy look there. He is a bird magnet isn’t he.

    • Animal magnet. Elan is the Animal Whisperer. ^_^ He has a talent with animals. ^_^

  • I love this image of Elan!!! I love the newsboy look!!! Have you been watching Newsies lately?

    I am almost finished typing up the email! I am sorry it has taken so long for me to get things done. ;-; Stupid life things and stupid attention seeking that won’t let me get things done….

    Finished it at last!!! You should have an email. ^_^ You have my two cents for what they are worth. Now to go to bed so I can wake up for that horribly early hair appointment.

    • themice

      I have a hair appt tomorrow too! Question is, should I keep the purple?


      • Which shade?

        • themice

          Plum. My hair is dark so it is the only color that shows up. I love it, but the areas they put the plum in they had to bleach first, and those areas are very dry now. She did it free though.

    • kuku

      Do you suppose Carlise designed his clothes?

  • bronakopdin

    such great news about prints!
    I wonder… is it possible to add somewhere all the songs and artists that were posted with the pages? Since they sure make the mood while reading! I would love that :)