Dapper Elan

dapper Elan

Dapper Elan – you might recognize the pose of Marcel from One Dapper Street — a great artist resource for men clothes and male pose references.

Ooh, the tide might turn.

P.S. Last two weeks of May I’m out-of-town. Be sure to subscribe to get a reminder when updated. And/or check out tumblr and new deviantArt for non-update sketches and stuff (I’m always doing something).

  • bronakopdin

    gosh Elan looks so professional here :D

    like he’s going to a job interview, a meeting, or he’s a teacher at school :)

  • kuku

    Enjoy your travels. At least you leave us on a promising note!

    • I have one more week then a short short hiatus.

      • kuku

        oh good, a little more story before you go!