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Saltos Bros – bw

Saltos BrosLooking at my drawings and realize they are too spoilery. So here is the b/w version of the Saltos. I never planned on coloring it when I started.

I worked hard all weekend on stuff so I was able to pull out an update. Great to have a little social life!

An ordinary drawing

A kissThis looks like an ordinary drawing — but I did it with my fancy new Cintiq tablet. I saved years for it. I am fairly low maintenance (don’t care about clothes or impressing the neighbors, and my bike is 8 years old. Though I do like my electronics), so I could have bought one a while back but I kept getting knock-offs. Don’t do that. Save for the best, it is worth it. Trust the mice.

The tablet is BEAUTIFUL but the manual and instructions are sucky. The websites they refer to are 404. You think with the $$ this thing is they could spring for a better technical writer.

Elan and Rafa can be drawn in style.