• kuku

    Oooh, Rafa. Is anyone besides Mujercita (and us) getting the benefit of those bedroom eyes?

    Happy holidays, all!

  • Lookie lookie what I got today!!!

    • Yeah! But it kills me I forgot the “s” in THANK!

    • kuku

      In the 1st, Rafa looks like he’s plotting to put the naughty in naughty and nice, and in the 2nd he looks suspicious… very cute!

      • Elan be careful! Rafa is up to something suspicious! ^_^

  • I can relate to Rafa’s bed head, ^_^ I love this drawing. ^_^

  • JesBelle

    Now I remember why I braid my hair for bed.

  • bronakopdin

    I come here every few days just to watch this awesome pic of Rafa and Murakami ^///^