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Bad Boys - Jake and Chuy
Jake and Chuy

I’ll be wandering around YaoiCon in San Francisco this weekend buying stuff and attending panels and being a fangirl! Maybe I’ll see you but more likely I’ll be hiding behind dark glasses.


  • Have fun!!! Cons can be great places! I hope you have a great experience!

    • I’m not a big fan of crowds, but there will be a lot of pretty here! And I’ll get a peek at TH and Alex Woolfson. I haven’t checked if TJ&Amal will be there.

      • Alex is a cutie! ^_^ I am not a fan of crowds much either, but I am good with them at conventions. I think that is partially because it is the group of people I fit in most with, so it is kind of like being in a crowd of friends for the most part.

        • I wish there was a BL or American Style M/M conference I could go to. I think I’d feel more at home there.

          • JesBelle

            This guy has some good fashion tips.


          • JesBelle

            Actually, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, I kind of wish there was a forum like that. There are lots of comics forums, but the yaoi/BL tends to be a very small or nonexistent part of those. There are Yaoi forums, but they seem to be 99% about manga (Not that I have anything against mangas, I just tend to gravitate to the American/British/Finnish artists.). Each comic has its “comments” section, but it’s doesn’t really feel polite to discuss another comic there, so it’s difficult to talk about comics in a broader, literary sense. Maybe such a thing exists and my Google-fu has failed me?

          • I would build a forum (call it what? M/M Forum? BL Forum?, but I would need a critical mass to make it work because it is a subset of a subset of a subset of webcomics/original fiction. There is The Slash Pile, though that is more for recs. Anyway, in the meantime, you can talk about other comics here. I don’t mind.

            So far my con experience has been sad. I got lectured by some very angry volunteer because my given name/billing name is not the same as the name I go by yaddy yaddy and how terribly hard it is to search by last name. I had to talk to someone else who said “wtf? it is OK, just tell them its OK” only to go back and get lectured again.

          • JesBelle

            Sounds like a volunteer missed her nap. Hope tomorrow is better.

          • *glares at bad con staff person* If you got the staff person’s name, I would report them. Some one obviously skipped nap time and needs to go to time out.

            *hugs* I am so sorry you got such a horribly person at registration. I have other friends at the con. I could ask them to beat them up for you?

          • They are all probably friends and will beat me up instead.

          • My friends would be very upset that you were treated that way and aren’t having a good experience, they are good people ^_^. I wish I was there, then I could a witch and beat up the person myself.

          • Everyone was nice today! But I avoided that volunteer.

          • That is good! ^_^ Did you get to see Alex as well as Em today?

          • Red

            Do it please…

          • Build a forum?

          • Red


          • You guys will have to come up with the name then I can build it!

          • JesBelle

            The name is tricky. I usually use the term “yaoi” to describe the genre, but most people seem to think of it as strictly a manga/anime thing. It is otherwise a very inclusive term, covering a wide spectrum from porn-with-plot to PG romance. To me,”Boy’s Love” connotes highly romantic stories about high-school/college-age kids. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m quite addicted to them, actually, but it feels like an odd appellation for stories about older characters or stories where romance is not the main focus. As The Mice pointed out, there needs to be a critical mass of voices to make a forum work and the more works we are discussing, the more people would be interested in the discussions. Also, it needs to be easy to search for and “Yoai” is a better search term.

            Or, I’m totally over-thinking it. My vote would be for something like

            Anyway, if you build it, I will help (if you want help).

          • was available (net is more expensive for some reason) so I got it. It’ll be a fun site to put up (website creation is the easy part) in the coming month. Then y’all have at it for mod’ing, rec’ing, and stuff.

          • JesBelle

            That was quick! I am at your service whenever for whatever. Thanks.

          • Gonna send you all the info. Probably try to recruit Doki!

          • Someone call?

          • I volunteered you.

          • Potatoe Overlord

            Mentioning TSP summons me I guess so here I am. If you want to post some sort of thing about the forum on TSP, feel free. Seems like something a lot of people there would be interested in.

          • Please do! :)

          • Potatoe Overlord

            If you write something up about it for me I’ll post it, or you can post your own thing on LJ and I’ll crosspost to tumblr for you. Or you could post something on tumblr and I can reblog it. Whichever works best for you.

          • You can join now but the indiv forums are set up yet –

          • Red

            Not talking about forums exactly but if there were gonna be a y-con in my country, there would be probably people protesting in the outside. There’s still so much prejudice here unfortunately. There’s not even a dark corner in the actual cons for us. I was really really surprised so see one yaoi manga in the store I buy stuff for my daughter. It was a glad surprise though.

          • My friend in Malaysia says it is illegal there. We are getting stuff for her.

            I’m older than most yaoi readers, but I did see some older folks there! I was surprised. I have keep a nom de plume bc I do childrens books and parents would frown upon it. And work wouldn’t be cool — I can be fired (unlikely) bc I represent the university.

          • Red

            I see, I understand. Your work and all. That’s why we end up with nicknames and aliases…. hehehel But in reality, I don’t think is illegal here I’m in Puerto Rico, but culturally it is considered “inappropriate” and as we are US citizens but unfortunately culturally speaking no everybody is as accepting toward homosexuality even in art. Sad for me to say but true.

          • JesBelle

            Yeah, I can definitely remember the days when “Yaoi fan” meant “chick with a good imagination and an E.M. Forster novel.”

          • Red

            I read so fast I didn’t catch your whole comment. So you do children’s books, that’s awesome really! Back in the days one of my biggest dreams would have been to illustrate some children book or science book since I work in the medical field. When in college I always add drawings to my projects cause I loved it. Way to go Mice. I didn’t study art cause I had sooo many discouraging people around and I was so young, I heard all those voices except for one, mine.

          • Probably good advice. There is minus $$ in children’s books. No money, nil. You work for minus money hours. Even less than webcomics and that is about zero too. You gotta have a day job unless you hussle and super talented like Alex or Teahouse, and they do it parttime I think.

      • Red

        Mice, I hate crowds but I love cons cause I feel like surrounded by friends even when I don’t know a soul. Not being a youngling no more but who loves mangas, comics animes, cosplays and such you have no idea how much I’m criticized, and they don’t know I love yaoi! But when I attend a con, I feel like home … :)

  • JesBelle

    Looks like Jake found somebody new to hold up walls with.