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OK, getting sad – a little bit

Happy Elan and Rafa I’m getting sad, just a little bit, after drawing some panels. So I took a break and made a happy Elan and Rafa drawing! Something I want to aim for. The story outline is in my head, but it does roam and evolve on its own a lot.

Other updates – I enabled an embed for the music on individual pages so that you do not have to leave the page to listen to the song. I hope it works better for everyone.

Yes, I have said I’d still do all this even if I had only one reader (AND I DO REMEMBER THAT FIRST READER! I started regular updates on Wednesdays to fit her schedule – hope you’re still around!). But I must honestly admit I love all the new people. Thanks for coming aboard!

And damn, almost forgot – this week’s update!

Another Tuesday Night for a Wednesday Update

memory-tmpI’m traveling but I had the where-with-all to prepare stuff before I left: Chapter Apart continues with Rafa and Carlise.

In other news, I have been toying around with the idea of a “guest” webcomic post every now and then. I haven’t read a lot of webcomics in the last few years for many reasons (weird reasons, like never wanting to be influenced by another story, etc., but in hindsight that is rather silly). We all know the big popular webcomics, but what about those good unknown ones that just haven’t been able to get a wide audience for whatever reasons? If you have any suggestions drop me a line at elanmeetsrafa@gmail.com. Who knows, I might be able to pull this off! I’ve been consistent with the Wednesday updates and the discipline of a webcomic (those that do this KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT)  and I never thought I could do that! :D

Beginning of Chapter 15 … Living apart


How are they doing? Living apart? :( Chapter Fifteen starts here.
Other News: Are my RSS Feeds broken? They were working but as with most things the mess up is usually on my end. — fixed! I use WordPress and it was a Webcomic plugin I installed but didn’t use. It broke the RSS feeds-IDEKW.