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Elan’s Bad Boy 2


I saw a picture of Chris Pine draped over his vintage car and it reminded me of Rafa. So I drew Elan’s bad boy. He needs a haircut right?

You see I made some significant changes to the site. I moved everything (along with my miceart site, my sister’s anime site, my friend’s zombie comic, and more) to a new webhost. I hacked a responsive design and got rid of a lot of WordPress plugins so the site should not stall out. I hope you find it moves much faster even though it is less flashy.

Chapter 17 is called “The Decision”, both the boys make some hard choices. You can start reading now.

End of Chapter 16

Character Profiles

I’ve wrote up some character profiles for an art swap, I haven’t loaded them on this site (still need editing) but they are on deviantart. They give a little more history and background on the characters Elan and Rafa.

Oh, and the next two pages. They include a favorite piano piece by the crazy Sergei Prokofiev.