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End of Chapter 16

Character Profiles

I’ve wrote up some character profiles for an art swap, I haven’t loaded them on this site (still need editing) but they are on deviantart. They give a little more history and background on the characters Elan and Rafa.

Oh, and the next two pages. They include a favorite piano piece by the crazy Sergei Prokofiev.

Chapter Apart Ends and Other New Stuff


Chapter Ends:

“Apart” finale here with a teeny weeny gift on the last page.

New Stuff:

  • I added disqus to hopefully make it easier to comment and help me get rid of spam. You don’t have to be a member of my site or anything and thus you can comment as “Guest”. Though do be prepared for me to reply. So far I have a 100% reply rate if you aren’t a spammer–I have no interest in helping you sell your fake Louis Vuitton bags spammers!
  • I have a youtube page now with most of the Elan Meets Rafa music. I can’t lie, I saw another youtuber’s compilations of EMR music and thought it was a grand idea. So thank you, Krisaund, whoever you are, for doing most of the legwork and for the idea.
  • I have noticed my site go down a lot. Hostgator is my webhost so I’ve been running uptime test comparisons with other webhosts and, yes, my uptime is far less UP than others. Since I’ve paid through March 2014 I won’t be able to make a switch until then. Apologies in advance if you experience some lags. :(
  • And finally, whew I don’t think I’ve ever been this talkative, I sometimes fiddle too much with the site’s layout and have to do some backup restores after I tank the site with bad coding. I didn’t notice that this sometimes messes up my subscriber’s list. If you did not receive an update email with this post please resubscribe. This won’t happen again now that I know to keep a separate backup of subscribers.