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Rafa and his big sister

Rafa and his big sister

Inktober Sketch 1

I’M DOING INKTOBER – that means a simple ink (no paint, no digital tinkering) drawing every day through the month of October. Here is a sketch of 3-4 year old Rafa with his big sister! Be prepared for little sketches of their past, maybe future.

And now the next two page updates! Next week will be three.

Hair Envy

Rafa doesn’t like people handling his locks — one of the many reasons he rarely gets a haircut. Yet when Elan braids his hair Rafa sits patiently and savors each slight tug, each brush of fingers on the back of his neck and shoulder.

Elan envies the ease of which Rafa’s straight strands fold neatly into a plait. He braids, unbraids, then braids again.

I do these because things are bleak. The next pages are journal entries (sort of).