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There are no zombies in this webcomic

business card

The Business Card


I loved the answers from last weeks poll: Should Rafa be friends with Jake again? I’m leaving it open so answer if you haven’t already. I’ve already have some of those panels drawn and know how it pans out later so it is all just for fun.

Wednesday my friend (who writes/draws the zombies comic Nuthin Good Ever Happens After 4am) are going to a Women in Comix discussion in the city so I felt I needed to get this update out today rather than late on update day!

So proceed to the update!

How loyal are you to past friends who stood by you thick and thin, sick and sin.

Jake and Rafa

Jake and Rafa

Should Rafa be friends with Jake again? Especially after what Elan did?

Sorry subscribers for the double mailing about the poll. SO EARLY UPDATE!

Elan on the Edge

Elan on the Edge

Elan on the Edge

Elan may be clumsy on the ground, but he never falls up high. He loves heights – rooftops, fire escapes, high windows, etc.

It has been a busy week with a friend in need, inktober, and halloween. I’m falling behind but able to get this week’s update for you.