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Poll and Italian Readers yo!

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Book Poll is closed and the results, well, no clear winner! So to cast a wide net I’ll keep the same few chapters format AND a few big b/w volumes of all chapters. The latter I’m not sure if I do the Amazon route quite yet.

I have a couple of reliable and good editors in Doki and Jesbelle, but could use a few more. If you like editing and have some time please contact me at: elanmeetsrafa@gmail.com

AND GOOD NEWS for our Italian readers! EMR is being translated and published in Italian by Yabara Press. Stay tuned for more info.

I miss you all!


This is the End

I’m singing This is the End.

But not really. These are the final pages but stay tuned for vignettes and a few character descriptions I have left to tell. If you are subscribed or on Twitter or Tumblr, or Facebook (if they don’t kick me off) you will get notices. I also have to do a few polls to see what people want for the EMR books and thoughts about EMR so I can better plan my next webcomic. I’m still writing the script and being all methodical so it won’t take seven years again. Please answer the polls/surveys when they are up (they will be anonymous).

It is not goodbye, just see ya later.



Love/hate relationship is too strong, but Elan’s relationship with his “manny” was complicated. Elan’s mother hired Gérard when Elan was just a toddler. Elan’s childhood memories of the man were hazy: he was there when something needed mending, a bed needed to be made, and hungry tummy needed feeding. Gérard could be invisible, then suddenly appear when needed. Not a fun person, but perfectly reliable and utterly forgettable. Although never a spoiled brat (his mother made sure of that) Elan did take him for granted. And then after his mother died, he grew to resent Gérard seeing him as an extension of his father’s strong arm instead of a helping hand of his mother’s.

Arthur had threatened to fire Gérard many times. So to keep his job and perhaps to keep Elan from getting a more tyrannical butler, Gérard did exactly what Arthur told him to do… until he stopped.

Elan was forever grateful for Gérard change of heart. He knew Gérard needed to work so he put his old butler and Rafa’s neighbor, Miss Libby, in charge of his new LGBT runaway shelter. As you can imagine, Gérard provided efficiency and care, and Miss Libby provide effusive love to those kids. Then they provided effusive love to each other.