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Thank you all


I hope I got everything right this time. I know I keep missing links, messing up links, but everyone has been extraordinarily patient with me. :) I get the nicest emails too. THANK YOU GUYS. It is a big learning process and I feel I’ve only just hit my style. When I started drawing a few years ago I got some hate mail for doing slash, but this experience with Elan and Rafa has been all good.

I have been busy this week visiting family and running the half marathon in New Orleans. I’ve gotten far behind but I still managed not to skip a week.

Facebook: Love/Hate

I tried to run a little ad on Facebook. Not much, just a few dollars a week worth. But I got turned down because of the picture I wanted to use:
Elan and Rafa kissing under fireworks

Apparently two guys in a very sweet romantic kiss pitched to OVER 18 year olds is a big no-no according to Facebook. Homophobic there much dudes? I’m curious if I made Elan with pigtails and a bow if it would pass the ad test.

Google + and 2 pages

google plus iconMade a Google+ page. Nothing there yet because I’m not sure exactly what to do with it yet since I’m still more used to facebook, but I like to offer different options. This may be fun. Anyway, add if you like.

Also some people asked me to link to my deviantart account, which contains fandom as well as original comic work. You might find dreamwidth simpler to navigate.

And last, but not least, I added some pages.