• kuku

    Oh dear. It’s hard to see how anything about that guy could be good news. Maybe drawing him has chilled you – get hot tea with honey, fast! And a cat on the lap!

    If Elan’s dad is truly smart, he’s gonna stay far away from Rafa. You never know when those beans might spill.

  • Jeldenil

    Yeah, Arthur, be smart and stay away.

  • bronakopdin

    oh my… wonder how he plans to continue his hunt for Elan’s inheritance… it can’t be a good sign to hear from him at this point >_>’

  • JesBelle

    Sleep is best. All the best remedies require being an unproductive lump for a few days.

    Chicken broth with lots of schmaltz doesn’t hurt either.

  • Jonni

    If you like spicy food, a nice hot chili might help.