My Favorite Hot Mess

Jake Maldonado

My favorite hot mess, Jake Maldonado.

And a mini-cliffhanger update before a teeny weenie one week hiatus. Inktober is kicking my butt a little, but critical to my drawing growth. And a minor project to do that just proves I haven’t mastered the ability to just say NO.

But in the meantime:

  • We are still talking and sharing stuff at Western Yaoi. Please join us, we are all very nice and don’t bite (unless you want me to).
    Western Yaoi
  • Elan Meets Rafa Volume 3 and 4 should be out sometime in November. Not going to lie, it is hard publishing old drawings but I’m doing it for the story.
  • I did a little Inktober of Elan and Rafa which I’ll be sharing with the few donors on Patreon. But I’ll post it in two weeks after mini-hiatus is over. I think you’ll like it! :D

Western Yaoi

Western Yaoi Forum

Yeah, yeah, there is an update. But I got some interesting announcements to tell you about first!

1) The first being the announcement of a great new forum for discussing and celebrating smart, funny, romantic, sexy, sweet, thought-provoking, fantasy-inspiring yaoi/BL comics created by North American and European artists. — Western Yaoi! Come join us for recommendations, story updates, and more!

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! (Yes, that means you over there clutching your Japanese Manga).

2) Second, EMR is on Graphic Novels Featuring LGBTQ Themes, Great M/M Webcomics, and LGBT Webcomics lists on Goodreads. Vote for your favorites!